-New Zealand

I love rainbows. What an amazing gift from nature :D

Would the world be okay with me just not getting out of bed today? Because I would very much not like to get out of bed.

I jumped off the jeti this evening, what an amazing way to greet the new spring. I feel so wonderful <3

"just do it" eat healthy! Even my zuchinni thinks so. (by the way I actually bought it like this) haha #healthy

Why does most food these days consist of chemicals and products of science labs?? Our bodies are the home to our souls and are the things that keep us alive, so we should be nourishing ourselves, appreciating the delicious wholesome food the Earth has provided for us and let that fuel our being. It’s such a shame that the things that are the worst for us are so addictive, because given the chance, fruits and vegetables taste so good. Has anyone ever taken the time out of their day to slowly eat a raspberry, a slice of watermelon, a cold cucumber stick etc and just appreciate how good they feel in your mouth, and how magical their taste is, and how you could eat 500 of them and never feel sick. If you haven’t, then you should. Practice some food meditation. Realise how the sweetness of fruit is begging for it to be eaten. Feed your growing minds with the things our body was meant to eat, not with food that is cheap, easy and convenient. Appreciate your food. Eat healthy. :)

Stick and poke whale :)

My hair has come such a long way in the last year and a half :D


i will never allow anything

to stop me being me 

and I know it sounds silly 

because how could it be any other way

but, I think we all know

i think we’ve all lost ourselves, 

only to find a blank expression 

when our emotions hide in the empty spaces between

what we know and what we don’t 

it’s hard sometimes, 

to remind yourself that you’re.. you 

a canvas of experience and interaction 

a stanza of coherence and abstraction 

we are free 

to write our destinies

and not only with ink scripts 

but with our blood that drips 

like the ticks 

of a clock 

so don’t spill ink over my future

because my destiny transcends your pen 

i’m tired of your rumours

that i am the same as all other men 

but i contend and i condemn 

your misrepresentative discontent 

i am free to be me and live the life that i have dreamt 

we are all bound through biology 

we are all drowned in our psychology 

we are all crowned with our technology 

connected through ecology

grounded through physiology 

but equality 

isn’t born by democracy 

or the economy 

that’s a fallacy

it’s a quality

called consciously 

looking for harmony

in the dichotomy 

of life 

there’s no morality 

in telling me 

how to use my mind

.. as if its yours 

if you want to walk the other way 

because you disagree with sacrifice 

and you guarantee that i’m a parasite

with the hyperboles you vocalise 

you’re a devotee to no compromise  

idiosyncrasies so imprecise 

then fine,

you can go 

run from the fun 

of living dangerously beneath the sun 

you’re so scared of your fears 

that they’re hanging off your tongue

how can we talk about feeling

when all i feel is numb 

so your words become spears

and you pierce 

my hemispheres 

of thought 

like you were taught 

to divorce and abort 

what doesn’t reinforce your own thoughts 

that’s called being stubborn 

it’s so arrogant that it’s elegant 

yes your passionate 

and i admire it

but there’s an element 

of your sentiment 

that’s deficit 

because you centre it 

on predijuce 

with evidence

that’s not definite 

and this testament 

is to your detriment 

of decadent development 

i’m done with it 

this relationship 

it’s turning to shit 

your so convinced 

that you can insist

on walking away 

because i don’t do what you say 

i once learnt, that when you come to a fork in the road

you take it 

it doesn’t matter which way you go

if you believe in yourself you’ll make it

but where? 

who knows, just go where the wind blows

just flow where the time goes 

and don’t believe, 

that you shouldn’t look back

part of moving forward is looking back 

and admiring that 

to traverse great peaks you must first venture into deep valleys 

you’ll be so deep in your mind and so cold you’d wish you’d die

but when the sun pops through you’ll remember feeling alive 

and that’s life 

up and down like the seasons and trees

just look at the sea

as it undulates and it breathes 

so innocently 

ending lives and entire cities 

but it plants seeds and I can prove

storms make trees have deeper roots 

sacrifice is nature in its form absolute 

you can’t run from that

and you shouldn’t 

time will always catch up 

at the end of the day

and the of the game

the kings and pawns 

are thrown into the same box 

it’s not a paradox 

but a Truth to adopt 

sacrifice is life

the divine symbiosis 

the sublime focus 

the presence of distribution 

the lesson of contribution 

the heavens only solution

the entrance to revolution 

the essence of evolution

that we inherit by being human 

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