WOAH WHY IS THE PICTURE OF ME SO BIG?? haha oh well. So my name is Sara and I'm 18. I find it hard to describe myself in words so I'm not even going to try, perhaps the photos I post on here will help you get an insight on the way I view life. I love laughing, and photography and surfing and I love exploring places I've never been before. I pretty much act like a 5 year old majority of the time, but why does it matter? Life is short and I just want to make it the best that I can and appreciate everything the world has to offer. All photos I post will be my own, feel free to use them for whatever, but credit is always greatly appreciated =]

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I was trying to be creative with this photo to show the implications man made things have on our planet, by taking a photo of nature in the reflection of the glass bottle. I was sitting outside drinking my bundaberg and noticed the reflection of the trees in it and how distorted they looked and I just thought it was really interesting because things such as that do distort our environment. But yeah, bam. Here’s the photo. 
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